Streams in the Desert


Hello everyone! I haven’t blogged for a few weeks and wanted you to know that I’m still here, just been busy. We went to Arizona for a week to visit my sweet in-laws. The pictures are from our trip. We went through Sabino Canyon for the first time and it was incredible. There are numerous hiking trails, waterfalls, all kinds of trees, and of course, cactus.


I loved seeing the contrast of the vibrant yellow cottonwood trees against the brown desert terrain. It was stunning and so peaceful. This spectacular canyon is an oasis in the desert. Since I love my metaphors, this canyon spoke right to my soul.

I’ve experienced a few deserts in my life. Everything is brown and all hope seems gone. There’s no way to parch your thirst. You cry out to God for help, for some sort of respite in such harsh conditions. You wonder if He sees you and your suffering as you wait for an answer.

Then something incredible happens right in the middle of your desert, a stream appears seemingly out of nowhere. God provides water for your thirsty soul, and gives you rest for your weariness. He gives you the strength to keep going, and the courage to press on in the wilderness.


God has been faithful to me in every one of my desert experiences. If you are in the desert right now He is with you. He’s not going to leave you there. Keep following Jesus and He will get you where you need to go. And along the way He will provide streams for you right smack dab in the middle of the desert.

See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland. Isaiah 43:19, NIV

Stay encouraged. Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus. You are going to make it.

I love you and I’m praying for you.

A little side note. I got a super fun case of food poisoning right after we got back home from our trip. I don’t recommend it, but I survived by the grace of God.

If you need prayer just leave your request in the comments, or drop me an email.

Love you all,




Are You Hungry?


Photo by Valeriya Kobzar from Pexels

Each morning I grab my beat up old Bible from the nightstand. I’m very attached to my old Bible. The binding is taped. Pages are falling out. It’s a mess and I love it. My Bible holds a spiritual legacy. It was my mom’s first Bible when she placed her faith in Jesus. Mom gave me her Bible when I was in Junior High and she bought a new one. It’s the only Bible I’ve used ever since.

Mom’s notes are written in certain books of the Bible that she studied. Every so often as I’m flipping through the pages I’ll see Mom’s perfect handwriting reminding me of her passion for God’s Word. When she got saved it ignited a hunger in her to learn as much as possible about Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit. 

I see the craving and passion in Mom’s words scrawled on the pages of her old Bible. She was blessed as a new Christ follower with great Biblical teachers at our church. 


I love these notes. It’s Mom reminding me of what really matters.

  1. Remember your Savior.

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, 1 Peter 1:3, NIV 

  1. Love one another.

 Love one another deeply, from the heart. 1 Peter 1:22b, NIV 

  1. Rid yourselves of sin. Malice, envy, deceit, etc. Crave pure spiritual milk.

Therefore, rid yourselves of all malice and all deceit, hypocrisy, envy, and slander of every kind. 2 Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation, 3 now that you have tasted that the Lord is good. 1 Peter 2:1-3, NIV

As a new Christian my mom was so excited to devour the Word of God. She couldn’t get enough. Mom was spiritually hungry and she was going to the right place to get fed. Mom was feeding on God’s Holy Word. It was filling her up and she kept coming back for more.

We are all hungry. We were born hungry for more. The only satisfaction is in Jesus Christ. Nutritious food for our soul is in the Word of God. We can feast on it day and night and never get full or bloated. We can’t get too much of God’s Word in us. 

If I feast on worldly things that temporarily fill me up I will get queasy, and never truly satisfied. It leaves me empty, so I have made the mistake of pursuing more of the worldly things in hopes of satisfaction that never comes. It’s a vain pursuit. 

When we fill up on God’s word it changes us. God’s words are alive. There’s no other book like it. The entire story of humankind is written in the pages. God wrote the end from the beginning. God’s word stands forever.

For you have been born again, not of perishable seed, but of imperishable, through the living and enduring word of God. For,

“All people are like grass,

    and all their glory is like the flowers of the field;

the grass withers and the flowers fall,

    but the word of the Lord endures forever.” 

1 Peter 1:23-25, NIV 

There is a beautiful feast waiting for us in the pages of the Bible. One verse can transform a heart. The more I read the Bible, the more I am changed, convicted, filled with hope, joy, love, wisdom, knowledge, and excitement. God’s words to us are more powerful than any book we have ever read. 

I have to ask myself what am I feeding my soul with? Am I settling for the junk food of the world? Am I sitting at the table with the Lord filled with inexhaustible resources of grace and mercy? I want the same hunger for God that my mom had as a new Christian. 

Thanks Mom for the legacy you left me. Each time I hold my torn up Bible in my hands I am reminded that’s where it all began for you. It continues on for me and I pray the same for my sons. 

Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’ Matthew 4:4, NIV 

Love you all,


Father God, 

Thank you for Your incredible book, the Bible. It has the power to transform hearts and minds for it is Your life giving words. Give us a hunger for Your word, a hunger for Your presence, a hunger for more of You in our lives and our world. Help us to make daily Bible reading a priority and a passion. We praise You almighty God!


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How to Read the Bible

img_2843Followers of Jesus need to be in the Bible every day. We are told regularly to read The Bible. What should we read? How do we read the Bible? Where to begin can be overwhelming. If you’ve been a Christian for a long time, you may wonder what to read next. Maybe you want to study in a different way.

Thank God that the Bible has never ending wisdom and knowledge to gain. Just because you’ve read it all the way through many times, does not mean you’ve got it all figured out. That is impossible. We will be seeking truth in God’s Holy Word the rest of our lives. There is always something new to learn regardless of how learned we are. God will never stop revealing Himself in His Word.

Some Bible Basics:

There are 66 books of the Bible compiled into one volume with two sections, the Old Testament and the New Testament.

Old Testament








1 & 2 Samuel 
1 & 2 Kings
1 & 2 Chronicles




Song of Songs





New Testament











1 & 2 Corinthians
1 & 2 Thessalonians
1 & 2 Timothy
1 & 2 Peter
1,2,3 John



End Times





The Bible is about relationships.The Old Testament is about God’s relationship to His chosen people, Israel. The New Testament is about God’s relationship to the world through Jesus Christ.

The Bible has one theme. God’s passionate pursuit of a rebellious people.

When reading the Bible follow these steps.

1. Rely on the Holy Spirit. We cannot properly read and understand God’s Word without the Holy Spirit. Ask God what He wants to teach you today. Thank Him for who He is and humble yourself before the Lord.

17 even the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it neither sees him nor knows him. You know him, for he dwells with you and will be in you.     John 14:17, ESV

25 “These things I have spoken to you while I am still with you. 26 But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you.   John 14:25-26, ESV 

26 “But when the Helper comes, whom I will send to you from the Father, the Spirit of truth, who proceeds from the Father, he will bear witness about me.                 John 15:26, ESV

2.  Engage in a passage. Choose a book of the Bible to complete. Start in The New Testament with John, or any of the four Gospels. Or, start with a short book like Philippians or James.

Use the four “C‘s”

Chief people – Who is writing, receiving, or any other important names.

Challenges – What words, phrases or sentences don’t you understand. Underline them and write them down in a notebook.

Crucial Words – What words or phrases are repeated? Any comparisons/contrasts?

Cool Verse – What verse summarizes your study for the week? Underline that verse and memorize it.


3. Ask: Who is God? As you read through the verses look for any reference to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Look for His name, personal pronouns or His activities. Underline them.

Fill in the blank:

God is ___________

God _____________

4. Dialogue with God. Talk with Him. Pray.

Do I believe this about you? Why?

What truth do I need to remember about you? 

What are you doing that I need to be a part of?

How does what I read apply to me? In my relationships, work, school, etc.

Do I have unconfessed sin? Or areas of unbelief? 





This is a very basic breakdown of the books of the Bible and how to read it. This does not cover every thought, or idea on the Bible and Bible study. It’s simply a starting point. Most of this information came from a handout I received from my church years ago.

You will need a Bible that you can write in and highlight. Don’t be afraid to write in the Bible. Also, a notebook can be quite helpful to write down thoughts, questions, or what God spoke to you.

There are many versions of the Bible. I will not go into detail, in this post, on Bible translations. There are three main versions:

Word-for-word: NASB, ESV, NET, KJV, NKJV

Thought-for-thought: CSB, NIV, NLT

Paraphrase: NIRV, MSG, GNT,

That’s not every translation. There are numerous ones. I like to use several. My favorite is my old, beat up, 1978 New International Version. It was my Mom’s when she was a brand new Believer.

I pray you will pick up your Bible today and read it. Hopefully with new eyes and new passion. It’s the most exciting book you will ever read.

12 For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart.  Hebrews 4:12, ESV


Love you all,










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Q & A with Author Patrick Egle


Please welcome author Patrick Egle to my blog. His brand new devotional Renovating Your Mind just released last week. The title says it all. Our minds do need renewed. So many Believers are saved, yet stuck in their thinking. Salvation is the first step on our journey with Jesus. Then the real work begins. The transforming work of the Holy Spirit in each of us. So many battles are in our minds. Freedom comes through the truth of God’s word.

We need to be in the Bible every single day. A great way to do that is with the use of devotionals like Renovating Your Mind. This one makes it so easy for you. There are 365 devotions all marked by the day of the year. You can jump in on the day you receive your copy. There’s a Bible verse and an insightful illustration from Patrick. It’s relatable and will make you think, which I like and need. I also appreciate the male perspective, after reading so many female devotionals.

Patrick is the real deal. He loves Jesus, and his beautiful family. He’s kind, which has almost disappeared in the world, even among Christians. Patrick wrote this out of a love for God and his family. He poured himself into writing this and it shows in his words. They will touch you.

Take a few minutes and read about Patrick and why he wrote Renovating Your Mind. May it inspire you to go after what God is calling you to do. Purchase your copies today with the links below. Keep one for yourself, and give the rest away to new believers, non believers, friends, and family. They will be blessed and so will you.

Thank you for stopping by!


Q: How did you begin writing devotions? 

A: I didn’t sit down and decide to write devotions one day . . . in fact, the thought never even entered my mind. It all started with a conversation I had with my brother Chris. See, as a family, we always spent Sundays together at my parent’s house watching football, doing laundry, catching up with each other, etc. The problem was that I was saved and wanted to talk about God, and my family was not comfortable doing that. So one Monday morning, my brother and I got into a conversation about this over email and I told him that I couldn’t truly be who I was around our family because God was everything to me yet I couldn’t talk about Him to them. Chris was shocked, as it never even dawned on him that I felt this way. He apologized and said that I could talk to him about God whenever I wanted to, I just shouldn’t ever expect a response from him. So that morning I decided to send an email to the members of my family sharing with them what I learned in my devotional time. The following day I sent another email to them, but also felt I should send it to some guys in my bible study as well. The next day I included some Christians at my work. It was then that one of my co-workers, Keith Ricker, a faithful Christian brother, wrote me back and said, “Bro, these are really good . . . you should do this every day.” And with that, a ministry was born. I never imagined an email distribution list, a website, or a book . . . I just wanted to share God with those I loved so that they might come to know Him more. But God had a greater vision for these devotions, one that included saving my family and publishing a devotion book. 

Q: To help people get an idea of the kind of devotions that are in this book, let me ask you this . . . if your devotions were a type of food, what would they be? 

A: In Texas there is a restaurant that sells 72-ounce steaks for $72. The challenge is that if you can eat the entire 72-ounce steak in one sitting, you get it for free. I would say that these devotions are kind of like that. They are not light like a salad and they are not something quick like fast food; they are a substantial meal that requires you to sit down and really digest what is being said because you are going to be challenged to consider and apply spiritual truths that may not always be comfortable or politically correct in today’s society. At the same time though, you will encounter God in a deep and meaningful way through the explanation and application of His word. 

Q: How did God encourage you as you went through the process of putting this book together? 

A: When I first started writing devotions in 2008, I was given some really bad advice from a friend. I was told that if you read something, and you put it in your own words, then you do not have to cite the source. So when it came time to submit my manuscript to the publisher for editing, imagine my surprise when I learned that I had to cite every source I had ever read and wrote about. Some of these devotions were ten years old and I couldn’t remember if portions of them were given to me by the Holy Spirit, or if He influenced my writing through someone else, so, I went through every single devotion, line by line, verse by verse, using every resource I could think of . . . bibles, commentaries, devotion books, online resources, subject books, movies, etc., meticulously checking to see where I may have been influenced by someone else’s material. It was the most stressful, exhausting experience of my life. It got so bad that I actually quit publishing this book at least 10 different times. Yet God would not let me quit. Each time, within hours after quitting, I was spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally renewed and restored in such a powerful and complete way that I knew it had to be God. It literally felt like a reset button had been hit within me to where I just knew that everything was going to be ok. Once I realized what God was doing, my entire perspective changed as I now knew that God was fully in this and that He had a plan and purpose for this book that far exceeded the difficulties I was experiencing. 

Q: What would you like your readers to take from these devotions? 

A: I think that many times when we read the Bible, we forget to take it literally, kind of like it is just a book of stories and is not really for us today. We forget that the Bible is absolute truth that transcends time and culture; that it is alive and active and is fully relevant for every situation we will ever face. It is not just for certain moments in life, but it is for every moment in life as it instructs us how to act, what to say, and how to navigate life’s troubled waters correctly. I want readers to see the relevance of God’s word in their lives today . . . in the every day things, so that they may experience the freedom and joy that He desires for all of us to have regardless of the situation we are facing. These devotions are real life examples of how an average man saw and experienced God’s word move in and around his life. 

Q: Can you give us an example of a real life experience that led to a devotion? 

A: My wife, Michelle, and I love to go for long walks around our hometown of Redlands because the south side of the city has some amazing homes from the early 1900’s. With that though, the infrastructure is pretty old as well; the sidewalks are cracked, uprooted, uneven, and sometimes just stop, so you have to be very aware of your surroundings. So one Saturday, as we were out walking, Michelle pointed out something for me to look at. As I looked to see what she was pointing at, the sidewalk dropped because of a tree root and I missed a step causing me to tweak my back. About a block later, I pointed out something for her to look at and she about broke her ankle as the sidewalk suddenly stopped. Then, as I was looking at my phone to see how far we had walked, I hit my head on a low hanging tree branch. As we were laughing about our random misfortune, and talking about the “dangers of walking in Redlands”, I said to Michelle, “You can’t take your eyes off of where you are going for 2 seconds without getting hurt.” 

As soon as I said that, something clicked. A divine truth was revealed to me about our walk with God. See, I had always pictured the Christian walk as us walking on this perfectly smooth dirt path up and down hills and valleys. I now realized that along this path, on both sides, is the world with all of its temptations and distractions. As we walk along this path, keeping our eyes straight ahead, we do not stumble or fall. But, if we take our eyes off of where we are going, and begin looking at the things of the world, desiring them, we slowly drift off the path onto very uneven ground with lots of pitfalls and dangers. This is when we get hurt. I was reminded that we have an enemy and a world and a flesh that purposefully tries to sabotage our walk with Jesus by getting us to focus on all of these other things. 

Q: Why do you believe people should read this book? 

A: I once heard a saying, “If you write a message from your head, you will only reach a person’s mind; but, if you write a message from your heart, you will touch a person’s soul.” When I would receive responses from people who read these devotions, I would say 95% of the comments I received were, “You have no idea how much I needed to hear this today.” This book is kind of a divine appointment between God and its readers. To put it simply, I believe people should read this book because God is in it and He will speak to them through it. 

Q: Can you explain what you mean by, “this book is kind of a divine appointment between God and its readers”? 

A: A divine appointment is where God has prepared two parties for a specific time and purpose. Generally speaking, it is a time where one person can serve God by playing a part in the life of someone else. For example, one morning I was standing outside of the prayer room in between services at church; and as I was looking around the sanctuary, I noticed a young man sitting in the front row all by himself. It was then that I felt God say to me, “Go say ‘Hi’ to him.” “What?” I replied. “Go say ‘Hi’ to him.” The Lord repeated. “And then what Lord?” “Just go.” He said. My thoughts began racing. “This is dumb. Saying ‘Hi’ won’t change anything . . . it’s trivial.” 

But the Lord kept pressing on my heart to go, so, reluctantly, I walked over to this young man and said to him, “Hey bro, the Lord really impressed on my heart that I needed to come say ‘Hi’ to you, so . . . Hi.” Immediately his eyes welled up with tears. He told me that he had been to our church seven times, and not one person ever said ‘Hi’ to him. He said, “I was just praying that God would please send someone over to say ‘Hi’ to me.” We both rejoiced and praised our amazing God. That is a divine appointment, and that is what I have seen God do through these devotions over and over again as He has spoken into people’s lives at exactly the right moment. 

Q: How has your family supported you through this process? 

A: My family was really great throughout this process. They were our prayer warriors, our sounding board, our test group, and a great source of insight when we needed it most. My wife, Michelle, though, she really carried the heavy load and was amazing through it all. When I would vent, complain, or express all the hopelessness I was feeling, she would patiently listen and then would just pray for me. She constantly encouraged me when I was down and corrected my thinking when I was of the wrong mind. She wrote me notes daily expressing how proud she was of me, and would text me verses throughout the day reminding me of who God is and who this book was for first and foremost. She always gave me the right perspective when I needed it most. 

Q: So, who is this book for first and foremost? 

A: It is for our children, Kate and Joel. This was the answer God gave me when I was praying about the vision for this book. He reminded me that when they get older, and are able to read and understand the spiritual truths that are written in this book, they will get to read about us when we were single, when we became friends, when we were courting, when we got married, and eventually when the Lord gave us them. They will see our struggles, our failures, the lessons we learned, the victories we experienced, and more importantly, they will see how God was always faithful to us no matter what we faced. This book is essentially a diary of how God wrote our love story, formed our family, and walked with us through every season of life. 

Q: The title Renovating Your Mind is very interesting, what does it mean exactly? 

A: The title was birthed out of Romans 12:2, “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.” One of the meanings for the word renew that is used in this verse is to renovate. As believers, there has to be a renovation of our thought process and how we deduce things. In other words, we have to change our thinking from the carnal to the eternal. No longer can we think and act like the world does, for we are no longer of the world. We are now of Christ and must think as Christ thinks if we are to become more like Him. That is essentially what this verse tells us, without renovation, there can be no transformation. This renovation of our minds only takes place when we read, memorize, and apply the word of God to our every day lives; for it is by doing this that we are transformed more into His image. 

Q: Is this book for men or women? 

A: In the spirit of the Galatians 3:28, and really the Bible as a whole, this book is written with truth being both universal and absolute which effectively breaks down the barriers that exist between gender, ethnicity, age, and social status. In short, this book will appeal to anyone who is seeking truth.