Reviews for Joey Flynn’s Extraordinary Tale

I love to hear from my readers! It’s fulfilling as an author to know my book had an impact on you, and the children in your life.


My 8-year-old son read and loved this book. The topic was relatable since we just moved. It was really neat to see how Joey’s needs were cared for and he was able to make friends in a new place. It was a really imaginative story, and it was completely appropriate for my kiddos. I highly recommend this book. – Chip Mattis 


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I love this book! I enjoyed it, my daughter enjoyed it, and my 9 yr old nephew loves it! We are so thankful for this fun book, packed with adventure and beautiful life lessons. More books like this one are needed. I hope Meghan E. White writes more!

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My son enjoyed the book. His favorite part was when Joey gave the coin to his new friend. He has a sensitive spirit so he really liked the kindness in the book. He said the main point he got from the story is that we can adapt to new places and find a friend and spread kindness wherever we go. I did not read it with him so this is all from his mouth. ~Instagram~


From Twitter:

@meghan_e_white I started reading (aloud) your Joey book to Kathy. We’re both enjoying it. Reminds me of CS Lewis tales. I’d like to hear how much is autobiographical. 😊

@meghan_e_white every night when I read aloud Joey Flynn’s Extraordinary Tale, Kathy says, “I love this little book.”  We’ll be sad to finish it. Thanks again.



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