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This Too Shall Pass

This is the verse from Proverbs. No, it must be from Psalms. That’s not it either. This too shall pass is not in the Bible. Many of us assume it’s found in the Bible because it sounds like something right out of the Old Testament. My mom said it often. Maybe your mom said it too. My mom said it because she had to deal with really difficult circumstances throughout her life. She learned that she would get through, by the grace of God. You are going to make it too!

In such a stressful time full of so many unknowns I see so much good. Families are spending more time together. No practice. No running out the door to go to school, or anywhere. Many are now either working from home or have been laid off. I’m not saying being laid off is good, but the free time is. A giant pause button was hit on our lives around the world.  

We have some extra time to just be. We are so busy doing that we have forgotten the importance of just being. The love God has for each of us is not based on what we can accomplish in a day. God’s love for us has no strings attached. God loves us right where we are at, just as we are. We can’t earn His love. God offers His love freely to us. 

If your life has been radically interrupted like most of us around the globe, use this time to spend with the Lord. Just be with Him. Ask Him the hard questions, He’s got answers if we’re ready to listen. Do you know Him? He already knows everything about you. Do you know Jesus as your savior? 

“Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”( John 14:6, NIV)

This time of crisis will end. Let’s make the most of being stuck at home. Have fun with your kids or grandkids. Stay in your p.j’s because you can. Turn off the news now and then and watch something funny. Laughter is a fantastic stress reliever. Take a social media break. Maybe choose one day where you don’t go online. Read a book. Take a walk. Pray often. Read your Bible. Check on elderly friends and neighbors. 

Our lives seem to go from one responsibility to the next, and sometimes with little or no break between. When was the last time you had nowhere to go? When was the last time you sat for more than five minutes? I’m talking to all of us that are always doing and have forgotten to just be. 

We’ll have plenty to do soon enough. Take it each day. That’s all we can do. Trust God who is completely worthy of trust. If you start to worry, stop and pray. Give those worries to the Father. He can handle it. 

“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” (1 Peter 5:7, NIV)

This too shall pass. This crisis will end. I know the restrictions are getting tighter in some places but let’s do our part. Follow the guidelines the best you can. Be patient. It will end. God will carry you through. Trust Him. Lean on Him. Cry out to Him. He’s got you!

We’re all in this together. Rich, poor, famous, and regular folks like me have to follow the same restrictions to help combat the coronavirus. We can do this! We will make it!

Be wise. Be discerning. Trust God.

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”(1 Timothy 1:7, NKJV)

Love you all,




Dear Lord,

Thank you that you are faithful and trustworthy. We can fully rely on you to carry us through hard times. Give us your peace when we start to worry. Give us your presence when we feel alone. Give us your protection when we feel afraid. Help us to make the best use of our time and learn what we need to out of this crisis. Help us to come out of this better, stronger, and with bigger faith. We thank you and praise you!



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24 thoughts on “This Too Shall Pass”

  1. Excellent. I’m prone to see the punishment of God in this as we read Matthew Chapter 24, but I realize that people need to be encouraged. We are possibly just in the beginning of a long term situation. We can get through this. It too will pass. God is in control. If He speaks to us personally, let us listen.

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    1. Encouraging one another is so important. We are going to get through this, by the grace of God. He is completely in control and completely trustworthy. Thank you so much Mary for taking the time to read my post. I appreciate your insight. I’ve seen many on social media comment on God’s punishment with the coronavirus. I know He is always at work and that He has our best interest for whatever we go through. God loves us so much.


  2. Thank you Meghan for your beautiful comments and prayers I learned to use this too shall pass the same time I learned one day at a time and first things first and easy does it these cleaches have been handy tools for me to help keep me on the path for doing God’s will

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    1. One day at a time, first things first, and easy does it are also good sayings. These simple phrases that have been passed down through generations are easy to remember and very helpful. When things start to go amuck, these sayings come into our heads reminding us it’s all going to be O.K. Thank you Dottie, for reading my post and stopping by. Love you my friend! 💜


  3. Well Meghan, talk about seeing the silver lining in the dark cloud I think you’ve done that here in spades and knocked it out of the park for all the baseball lovers! There’s nothing better than positive energy and hope when things are looking tough and uncertain. Keep on keeping on, I guess is all we can do because God doesn’t want quitters; my dad told me that as a kid! Thanks for the reminder!

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      1. So very true my Sister in Christ Jesus. How are you and your family; I hope doing very well and using the down time to reestablish or focus on the core values and matters of importance in your lives! Of course I agree with you Meghan and I love your manner of presentation as well as your dedication and devotion to our Lord Jesus Christ. I have to let you know just in case you hadn’t noticed I’m a sort of double edged sword of truth and justice these days and i can be as gentle as a lamb or as ferocious as a tiger, which i had to become in my own hometown locale out of forced necessity leaving me a bit edgy but still totally in control because Jesus Christ was with me every step of the way and so I’m a living testimony of his loving grace at work because to be honest in some eyes or according to even medical standards i should have been dead or incapacitated at least by now. I write to serve Jesus so He again has led me on days to write one thing or another to revel Him in my life and others days i get creative and just let her rip! My point of view on this whole COVID-19 or actually Wuhan Corona Virus and political mess is something i speak about in two ways. At times i want to be like you and speak softly and be gentle top comfort and maybe even appease but then I have to once again be a warrior for Christ and that is my job too! I fear nothing in this world and the only power or authority I do fear is God almighty and I’ve had to tell highly partisan political agents in my area that very same thing because they are wreaking with culpability and terrible cronyism or even corruption but I told them to shut me up you need to kill me, and I meant it! Because that is how sure i ma of God’s plan rapidly unfolding around us all and we had all better see the forest for the trees as we are burning daylight faster than lickety-split on a Monday morning! Here is a fabulous article that a good man and fine journalist has written today that I reblogged and hope you and anyone you want to share it with will get something good from it too! Thank you for all you do, my Friend! God Bless You and Yours. Amen.

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      2. You can write whatever you want. It’s your blog. That’s the beauty of it. It’s not social media. It’s our own little corner of the world to share what we want. My spiritual gift is encouragement. I always ask the Lord what He wants me to write. I have my own voice and writing style and you have yours. I am accountable to the Lord and what He thinks. I’m not super concerned if someone doesn’t like what I write. You don’t need to explain anything to me. God bless your writing.


      3. That’s cool, but sounds like you might be thinking my explanation is superfluous or a waste. I tend to like explaining things and even myself, as I see how my view of myself evolves like everything around us is, moment to moment. As I started out writing here I had zero concern in anybody even looking at what I wrote and as time went on of course I got a few responses and began to get a feel for how interacting on here could have some value in that any genuine input into what I wrote or am saying can help me to understand what others might find more interesting verses what might be not so interesting. Unfortunately in this process it does become a little social media like, in that some people make it a social hour kind of interaction which wasn’t my interest, and again that’s why I never had Facebook or any of those platforms for such purposes. I guess it does come down to different strokes for different folks like anything else, and many I started to see even here treat this venue in some instances like a more social media platform to some degree, as it’s easy to get sucked into that to some extent, that’s why I started trying to explain myself over just not caring what anyone else is thinking, after all that’s why there are comments and replies involved here; we’re not just talking to God, human beings are engaged are they not. So, not sure how to take what you mean here, other than I may have hit a nerve in trying too hard to explain my outlook regarding my response to your article and then wanting to offer expanding my thoughts about what I’ve been writing, in case you were interested, as especially from a Christian standpoint and writing from a perspective that we do it for a Godly reason, or to at least have a faith based purpose in any interaction. But like you said, if you aren’t interested then what does it matter and who cares. No sweat.
        One caveat is what I said earlier in that explanation, “I write to serve Jesus so He again has led me on days to write one thing or another to reveal Him in my life and others days I get creative and just let her rip!” I believe what I was pointing out is that part of what I’m doing here I take very seriously and have great cause to do so and appreciate anyone else that may have the same grounded outlook and purpose in writing and that, that kind of person would appreciate the same quality considerably about me too. Appreciation and respect are sorely lacking in today’s self-focused culture of please yourself and take what you can egocentric mayhem, which is only a notch or two below the worst of what I pointed out earlier in saying how the Communist Chinese are the extreme of vileness in the world when it comes to dysfunctional heartless self-centered humans, far apart from Jesus Christ and I dare say unholy and unable to be saved. We can’t serve two masters and they chose to serve the beast of this world; so too there are varying degrees of that as we see in our own politicians on full display in our government dysfunction. Take care.


      4. No, no don’t be at all, I was way tired and have a cold which is not saying I have any excuses but that I wasn’t in the best frame of mind to be writing anything let alone respond to comments on here! I need to “Keep Calm and Carry On.” No offense at all, and if anything I was the one doing that! I still appreciate your writing as usual!
        God Bless you and Yours!

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      5. BTW, sorry about all the typos in that comment I was on the fly and really should have waited and so I apologize for the crummy spelling or actually clumsy typing and texting mess. If it looks really bad just delete it and I can send it again proper!
        God Bless.

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      1. Thank you. I am being safe. My schedule has not changed much. The only difference is that I can’t sit down and eat a meal out. Btw, “this too will pass” comes to my mind from the movie, “Best Friend’s Wedding.” I try to remember lines that strike me. In that movie, there were a lot of scenes, and lines, that have stayed with me.

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