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Don’t Be Afraid, God’s Here to Help


Fear is a powerful force that can bring us to our knees, and strike terror in our hearts and minds. Fear can also draw us to our Heavenly Father as we ask for His help. And He delights in helping us. What an awesome God who loves us so very much!

Are you stressed out, afraid, anxious? Welcome to the club. There’s no shortage of things to be afraid of in this dark world. But……..there is hope! We do not have to stay in a fearful place. God is ready and always available to reach out and rescue us. We just need to ask.

This scripture was part of a devotion in the YouVersion Bible app a few years ago. We can never get enough encouragement. I pray you are encouraged today.



Do not be afraid! God is here to help you. He’s got your back, and your front. Keep trusting God.

Love you all,



Thank You for for grace and mercy, and for helping us when we are afraid. Bless every person who is reading this, and afraid. Give them peace, hope, and comfort. Take them by the hand and make a way for them. Change their perspective as they take their eyes off of their problems and look to You. We love You, Lord!

In Jesus name,


19 thoughts on “Don’t Be Afraid, God’s Here to Help”

  1. My first thought was the exact same as the other two… AMEN!! Thank you for this encouragement. It is wild how anxious thoughts creep in and try to take hold. So thankful we can always trust totally in the Lord!!

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  2. We’re all human, and humans have fears, but God also has a promise for us in Isaiah 26:3

    Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.

    All we need do is trust in our Lord. This is a verse I memorized a long time ago when I went through a very horrible experience. A friend told me to memorize it. I did. It’s helped me every time I feel fearful.

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    1. Hi Stephanie,
      It’s great to hear from you! Tom and I are doing OK. He’s been working nights for a while now, which is very challenging but we’re doing well. I haven’t been on Twitter for months or Instagram. I took an unscheduled break from social media and writing and enjoyed it. I’m trying to get back to writing again.
      I am so sorry about your husband. I will keep him and you, in my prayers. God bless you both.

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