The Prayer Shawl


The memories of my mom came flooding back when I found this blanket in a closet. I was looking for something, I don’t remember what, when I saw what I thought was a blanket folded up. Then I remembered, Mom’s friend had knit this prayer shawl for her during her chemo treatments for lung cancer.

While I was at my mom’s house right after her death I spent maybe an hour or two going through a small amount of her stuff. This prayer shawl was handed to me by her husband, and I just added it to my little pile of keepsakes. I had not given it a second thought until the other day when I took it off the shelf.

Mom’s precious friend knit the prayer shawl and prayed over it while she was creating this sweet gesture of love. The three stitch pattern represents Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Each time mom wrapped the prayer shawl around herself she was reminded that God’s love covered her.

The prayer shawl has no magic or special powers. It is just a beautiful symbolic picture of God’s love and the power of prayer. When I look at the prayer shawl I see kindness and compassion from a dear woman who cared about my mom. To make something with your hands for the sole purpose of encouraging a suffering human is an act of love.

I am grateful to have this lovely prayer shawl as a reminder of my mom’s suffering and the love of our Heavenly Father holding her in His mighty hands. She was covered in the best way possible, by the power of God. Mom still had pain and cancer never left her body, but God, carried her through all the way home.

The prayer shawl reminds me to pray for the hurting. To lift others up, and be an encouragement when surrounded by discouragement. To pray for God’s covering over the sick and suffering.

Christians are to be people of prayer, all the time. Now, more than ever we must be fervent in our prayers. Don’t stop praying. Pray all those big prayers that are absolutely impossible in our strength. Pray and ask God to heal, to save, comfort, convict, to seek and save the lost. Pray, and pray, and pray.

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. Mark 11:24, NIV

Love you all,


Father God,

We praise and thank You for Your goodness, faithfulness, and love. There is none like You. We lift up all those who are sick. Heal them, comfort them, and draw them close to You. Cover them in Your love. Encourage all the sick and suffering. You are close to the brokenhearted. May they feel You closer than ever.

In Jesus precious name,


24 thoughts on “The Prayer Shawl”

    1. My mom was so moved by her friend making it for her. It came with a letter explaining it in more detail but I don’t have that. You’re right, we don’t need a prayer shawl to experience the goodness of God. ☺️
      How are you feeling? Prayed for you to get better.

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  1. Thank you for sharing the story behind the shawl. What a beautiful gesture of love and care from your mom’s friend towards her and what it means to you. Prayer is indeed powerful and I join in your prayer for those who are sick, suffering and need to feel the presence of the Lord close to them.

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  2. Never underestimate the power of prayer. This is one of my favorite sayings. It’s true. Prayer works. It may not work in exactly the way we want it to, but nonetheless, it works. I’ve experienced so many answers to prayer throughout my life. For big things, and for small things some may have thought foolish. Some the way I wanted the prayer to be answered, some not. But the prayer was always eventually answered. And it was always for the best.

    This past winter, I received a prayer shawl from my dear Christian Jewish friend who lives in Canada. What an honor. It was made in the same fashion as those worn by the Jewish priests when they pray in the synagogue. It brought tears to my eyes that she thought so much of my prayers. I use it every day when I’m praying and reading the Bible. There’s no magical power in this one either, but it does help me focus on God and what He’s trying to teach me and what He wants me to hear.

    Treasure your mother’s prayer shawl, Meghan. And don’t let it go unused. You’ll be amazed at what comes to mind while wearing it. God bless you, my friend.

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    1. What a special gift your friend gave you! That’s a real blessing. Prayer is powerful! And God always answers with His perfect answer in His perfect time. I’m so encouraged by your faithfulness in prayer. And I appreciate your many prayers for me and my family. You’re a blessing!

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  3. What a blessing to see and read after we talked about the importance of prayer earlier today💜
    I am so thankful for you, Meghan. Thank you for all the prayers over the years. They means so much. Thank you for this blog.

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  4. Thank you for sharing this! Around mid-June, I had the privilege to pray where my late Daddy used to pray for me. It’s no magic, as you say, but it’s heartwarming. And I also miss him dearly!

    May you be comforted as well!

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