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Scraps of Paper


December 24th, 2012 I crawled into Houston after a red eye with my then seven-year-old son. I was completely disoriented after closing on our house in Oregon weeks before. Exhausted, I stared out the window of my husband’s car in a daze. The sun felt wonderful after leaving the cool Pacific Northwest. Pick up trucks were a plenty and the Christmas decorations were over the top, which I loved. These were my first impressions on our drive to the hotel. I was tired but hopeful that this move was a good decision.

Week six of being stuck in a hotel, in a city where we knew absolutely no one, I was being brought to my knees. Everything took longer than it should’ve. My car was being shipped and took an extra week. I was trapped with two kids and our cat, and no car, since Tom had to work. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. We should’ve stayed in the hotel for about a month, and then moved into our house. Hahahaha!  It’s funny for me to think about now, but quite painful then. We were stepping out to the unknown, trusting that this was God’s plan.

When our loan fell apart for the home we made an offer on in November, I fell apart. That was the final straw. Tom and I were so sad. The home that we fell in love with was what kept us going as we waited. We thought we at least had a place to live taken care of in all of the unknowns. When that was taken away we were at a loss. Do we start all over looking for a new home? That would mean weeks more in a hotel. Possibly months. This sounded awful.

“Lord, where are you?”

“Why did you move us here?”

“Is anybody looking out for us?”

God was looking out for us. We knew it, we just didn’t feel it.

My Bible was packed away in storage so I would look up scriptures online. The scraps of paper are how I survived those weeks. I didn’t have real paper to write on, just whatever scraps were sitting around the hotel room. I scrawled out verses that encouraged me and reminded me of who God is. My youngest son even drew an adorable picture on one of the papers.

Sometimes we only have scraps to hold onto. It’s not pretty, but it gets us through. The amazing thing during those weeks of unknowns was that I had some of the most incredible moments with the Lord. That’s how trials work. When you’ve got nothing left but Jesus, He does remarkable things. I remember one night I couldn’t sleep and I told the Lord I’m just going to pack up my car and my kids tomorrow and drive back to Oregon. Back to what was familiar. The next day He brought some relief in my desperation.

Thankfully, God showed up in a huge way for us and fixed the loan on the house within a couple of days of it falling apart. We ended up staying in the hotel eight or nine weeks. There are worse things to deal with. Way worse. For me, it was a test of my faith as we were in the dark. I reached out and found Jesus standing there, ready to comfort and encourage me. My prayer times were in the tiny, gross bathroom during those weeks. Again, not pretty, but effective.

I keep those little scraps of paper on a memo board in my closet, which also doubles as my prayer closet. They remind me of God’s faithfulness. He has carried us through every trial and will continue to carry us. My memory can be short of God’s goodness to me. So, the trials come and flush out my doubts and weaknesses. And He shows up. And He does wonderful things. Things planned long ago. The trials will come until we go home to be with Jesus forever. Until that time, He promises to be with us always.

“And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” (Matthew 28:20b, HCSB)


Love you all,




Heavenly Father,

Thank you for your faithfulness, even when we are not faithful. You are good and perfect. I lift up all of those who are in the dark right now. The trial is painful as they wait for you to show up. Comfort them, carry them, encourage them. Remind them that you are still in control and you have a beautiful plan for them.

In Jesus mighty name,


10 thoughts on “Scraps of Paper”

  1. Love this! He is with us always, although we may not always sense His presence. This is the essence of faith, of course: when we can say, “We believe!” even when we feel alone. You are wonderful and I’m thankful for you.

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    1. Believing when we cannot see. Always a challenge for me. That’s why I keep those little crumpled pieces of paper. Reminders of God’s faithfulness. You’re wonderful too my sweet friend.


  2. I too have scraps of paper that I turn to on a regular basis. God is there always even when we forget. Thanks for reminding us of this wonderful God who we can lean on anytime. Love you

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  3. 8 or 9 weeks feels like an eternity while going through the trial, the waiting, the not knowing. Looking back, it’s a short moment. Praise God! “…God has said,
    “Never will I leave you;
    never will I forsake you.”
    6 So we say with confidence,
    “The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid…” Heb 13:5b-6a
    Thanks for sharing, Meghan. Such an encouragement!

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    1. The real struggle for me was questioning why we moved. Everything had gone so smoothly up until that point. Then it all came to a screeching halt and I wanted to run back to what was familiar, since I couldn’t see anything ahead. I have been through far worse things, but in those weeks it was painful, but God was faithful. I love that verse! One of my favorites. Thank you Wendy!


      1. I think that’s what happened to Peter after Jesus died. He wanted to go fishing, back to what was familiar to him. And then there was our faithful God, on the shoreline, making breakfast. He showed up and then told Peter what was next. 🙂 John 21

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