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I Scream, You Scream


We all scream for ice cream! It’s still officially summer and still quite hot in most of the U.S. You need ice cream. I need ice cream. We all need ice cream, except for the lactose intolerant. But hey, there are really great alternatives now so all can partake. There’s something about an ice cream sandwich that brings joy. You’ve got cookies and ice cream together. That’s a win-win. I have so many memories involving ice cream.

Certain foods can be such an important part of our childhood. I can still hear the ice cream truck music. We’d quickly empty our piggy banks and run to that truck. Another ice cream memory is my birthday party at Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor. When the Zoo Party was brought out with singing and music, the restaurant paused for a moment to take notice. Exciting childhood memories all involving ice cream.

It’s good to be a kid now and then. For some fun, make these scrumptious, super duper easy ice cream sandwiches.

To get more of my ice cream memories and the directions for the sandwiches, click on the link below.


Love you all,


6 thoughts on “I Scream, You Scream”

  1. Oh my goodness, Meghan, I remember Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor too!!! That was the best ice cream parlor ever. What a special spot filled with ice cream, the player piano, candy store and childhood family memories!! Your picture is scrumptious, by the way. Yum!

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    1. I loved Farrell’s! It was my one and only birthday that wasn’t at home. I still remember the sounds when they brought the Zoo Party to our table. I wonder if Farrell’s is still around? I’m not too happy with that picture. Food is very difficult to photograph, especially melting ice cream.


      1. There is a Farrells in San Diego, but sadly, it is not the same. Good memories.
        I can’t imagine how you took that picture of stacked ice cream cookies, but it looks very tantalizing😋

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