Day of the Christian Martyr


June 29th is the anniversary of the Apostle Paul’s martyrdom according to church tradition. To remember the many who have lost their lives for the cause of Christ, Voice of the Martyrs honors a martyr each year by telling their incredible story.

Most of these martyrs will never get talked about on any news media. They aren’t Christian celebrities. Many are missionaries who have laid down their lives because of their love of Jesus.

This year Voice of the Martyrs is honoring Rocio Pino. In 2011 Rocio was gunned down by Marxist Guerrillas on the doorstep of her house. She left behind a husband and two daughters. Rocio’s family lived in Columbia’s Guerrilla controlled Red Zone. Rocio faithfully shared the love of Christ with the Guerrillas.

“All who come here will hear about Christ.” Rocio Pino

Learn more about Rocio’s story and many other honored martyrs at Voice of the Martyrs. Click on the link to register and Voice of the Martyrs will send you all kinds of resources including prayer slides, discussion guides, and short videos all related to Day of the Christian Martyr.

Around the world, more than 340 million Christians live in places where they experience high levels of persecution, just for following Jesus. That’s 1 in 8 believers, worldwide. (Open Doors USA)

An average of 13 Christians killed every day. That’s nearly 400 Christians dying every month. Just because they follow Jesus. (Open Doors USA)

May we always remember the persecuted church, our brothers and sisters in Christ, in our daily prayers.

Today we honor the martyrs. We are grateful and inspired by their faith, dedication, and love for Jesus and others. God bless their legacy and the families they left behind. God will keep blessing the advancement of the Kingdom until the return of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Amen.

Love you all,


Link to Open Doors USA. They support persecuted believers in more than 60 countries.

Link to Voice of the Martyrs. They serve persecuted Christians around the world.