Joey Flynn's Extraordinary Tale

FREE Middle Grade Book

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It’s been a while since I’ve promoted my book, two and a half years to be exact. That’s just too long. The Lord is reminding me to get back to what He has called me to do, which is write. And this blog started because of my book, Joey Flynn’s Extraordinary Tale. I wouldn’t be here without my labor of love, my middle grade Christian fiction book. It’s great for as young as 6 and up to 13, and beyond. Adults and kids have enjoyed Joey Flynn’s Extraordinary Tale. Go to the link to read reviews, and preview some chapters. You’ve got nothing to lose because its FREE!

Free Kindle Book

Promotion is from 4/13/23 to 4/17/23

 Why Did I Write A Children’s Book? 

Thanks for stopping by, and thank you for supporting me as an author. Have a great day. Please feel free to send your prayer requests to

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10 thoughts on “FREE Middle Grade Book”

  1. We must be about what our Lord would have us do. Good to know you’ll be writing again. Please keep us updated on your progress. When you next book is ready, let me know and I’ll feature it in my newsletter.

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    1. Thanks so much Stephanie! I appreciate your support and the wonderful review you gave after reading my book a couple years ago. You are amazing! You and your husband are going through so much right now. May God bless and keep you both during this difficult time.

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