Keep Believing


This beautiful wisteria climbs along my backyard fence. It was in full bloom a week ago. I love the contrast of these stunning purple flowers against my brown backyard. The historic winter storm in Texas killed off most of our plants. I was so happy to see this gorgeous plant thriving.

It’s a picture of my life right now. We are smack dab in the middle of some hard things. Still waiting for answers on my husband’s health. Still waiting for complete healing. Still waiting for the catheter to be removed so my husband is no longer in constant pain. Yet we are being blessed by God every day during this entire ordeal.

When I look around, everything is brown. Will there be new life again Lord? Will you really heal Tom? Is this our future?

Wednesday of this week was awful. Tom had an appointment with the kidney doctor. It did not go as well as I was hoping and praying for. We have nicknamed the nephrologist Dr. Doom and Gloom. I met him once in the hospital and he’s not my favorite doctor. He’s a brilliant doctor and speaks honestly and that’s important, but he is not an optimistic person, and that’s bad.

Tom’s kidney function is still not good. The improvement has slowed down, almost stopped. That was not news I was ready for. It broke my heart. All I could see was brown. No signs of life. My heart was ripped in two. My hope was stomped on.

But God reminded me that Tom’s story is not done.

I smelled something so lovely. Wisteria gives off the most delightful fragrance. Because we had so many flowers the smell was powerful. I could smell the wisteria flowers over smoke during a fire we had in our fire bowl one night. You just could not stop the fragrance or cover it up.

In the middle of the trial, God’s beauty and blessings abound.

The love that has been poured out on us is overwhelming. Our church small group is incredible. They have given us countless meals, prayers, words of encouragement, and the most amazing Easter basket with a generous cash gift. Tom’s co-workers took up a large cash donation and they all signed a beautiful card with well wishes. Friends and family are praying for us and checking on us. My in-laws have been so supportive and generous. Our church has blessed us with so many prayers and a gift card from one of our pastors and his wife.

I could go on, and on with the many blessings we have received. That’s just how good God is.

I got a text on Wednesday night from my friend, and prayer partner, Roger. He is 78 years old and leads the prayer ministry at my church. We have prayed together for many things, and many people as we serve on the prayer team side by side. I respect him like a father and in some ways he is like a spiritual father to me. He reminded me to persevere. God bless Roger for that.

God bless the many friends and family who have sent an encouraging text at just the right time. I love all of you!

Yes, there are still a lot of unknowns. Still lots of waiting. But God is not done, and new growth is coming. So I will look past the brown and lifeless looking things to the beautiful. That’s where my Father resides.

I still believe in miracles. I will continue to trust God for complete healing of Tom. I will persevere by the power of the Holy Spirit in me. I will follow Jesus out of this. He is a way maker where there seems to be no way.

I am a very visual person and many times God speaks to me with pictures. When Tom was in the hospital I kept seeing Jesus walking on a tight rope over a huge jungle ravine. I could only see His back because He leads. I am to follow Him out and keep my eyes fixed on Him. Jesus is the way out.

I don’t always understand how God works but I trust Him. God is completely trustworthy.

Thank you for your prayers and love. It means so much to me!

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1, KJV

Love you all,


Please send me your prayer requests anytime

25 thoughts on “Keep Believing”

  1. Dear Meghan,

    Keep trusting, as I know your are. Many years ago my brother was dying of a sick and struggling heart. There was no hope. He was in and out of the hospital umpteen times. His team of doctors were doing everything they could….trying every medication. In and out of ICU my brother went. The whole family was a nervous wreck. I was praying constantly. One Sunday afternoon, as I sat at his bedside in ICU, I thought about where he was. As a registered nurse, I knew that ICU is a death chamber for many. My brother’s words were, “Pray, Sis, I don’t have much longer.” My heart was sinking. Suddenly God’s Spirit came to me and I felt Him saying, “No matter what you hear and what you see, Mary, keep trusting Me.” The end of the story is that my brother received a heart transplant that saved his life. Just in the nick of time! Keep trusting. God inhabits our trust and our praise. He is faithful!

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  2. That picture you had of following Jesus on the tight rope is so powerful and beautiful. That one’s going to stick with even me, I think!
    What a beautiful, hope-filled post, Meghan. Joining you in continued prayers for complete healing, as well as perseverance!💖

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    1. I am always amazed just how much God loves us. When He gives me pictures (I don’t know what else to call them) it encourages me. I’m glad it encouraged you too. You’re so kind! Thank you Jessie for your love and support. 🤗


  3. Thank you for the update on Tom. I was hoping you’d write something soon. Didn’t want to bother you with your recovery and his right now, but I would have emailed you by this weekend, if I didn’t hear anything. We’re still praying for both of you and will continue.

    Don’t ever lose hope. If you haven’t read my article in the online magazine Faith on Every Corner, it’s about the hardest prayer a Christian can pray. Throughout life we come across these situations. The bottom line is, we have to trust God. I’m so glad you can do that, Meghan.

    And don’t give up on some of the other plants in your garden. A couple of mine have surprised me by surviving the freeze. It will take time for them to become as beautiful as they used to be, but they’re not done yet.

    God bless you and Tom.

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  4. I read this last night and my heart breaks for you and Tom , i feel like satan had me in his mouth and was shaking me like a ragdoll. [ trials] !!
    Enuff of me.. my continue Prayers for ya’ll 🙏🙏 🙏❤

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  5. Always believe in the green…even in death is rebirth. Brown seasons never stop spring. My heart goes out to you and I join you in fervent prayer for Tom’s healing. May the memory of the fragrance of your wisteria live in your heart even after the blooms have dropped to the ground – because the sweet perfume of God’s love will never leave you nor forsake you.

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