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Pumpkin Bars

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It’s that time of year. Pumpkin time. Pumpkin everything is everywhere. It wasn’t that long ago that the only big thing happening pumpkin-wise this time of year was the now infamous pumpkin spice latte. If you got your hands on one of those, then you felt pretty special. Now, pumpkin has taken over all aspects of food from yogurt to cereal, and even candy. We are pumpkin obsessed for some reason. For the non-pumpkin eaters, I’m sorry. For the rest of us, yay!!

In honor of all things pumpkin, I give you pumpkin bars. You’re welcome.

The bars are really more like a moist delicious cake. The pumpkin flavor is there, but it’s subtle, not overpowering. And, the piece de resistance, cream cheese frosting. The combo of the scrumptious cake and sweet icing make this dessert irresistible. It’s hard to stop at one. Pumpkin bars are addictive. You’ve been warned. 

For the full article and recipe, click on the link.


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8 thoughts on “Pumpkin Bars”

    1. 🤣🤣🤣 I never thought about that play on words! Good one 😉 They really should be called pumpkin cake, but I will keep the name the same, since that’s what I was given. Tradition. I’ll never look at at recipe the same. Thanks Homer. 😆

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    1. There are some pretty bad pumpkin pies. The only store bought pumpkin pie I like is the Costco one. You may not like anything pumpkin, but the bars are very good. And I’m not just saying that 😉 This is from years of making them and winning over non-pumpkin people.

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  1. I made these bars (cake) yesterday for my pumpkin loving family. Although I do not like pumpkin pie, these bars are absolutely delicious!! My house was filled with the wonderful aroma of Fall, and we enjoyed a moist, delicious treat. (Go to the mustardseed website to see pictures of my cake:)
    OK, I admit it, I am having a slice right now with my coffee for breakfast. Thanks, Meghan! We are having company tomorrow night & I will make another one for them. New favorite Fall dessert.

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    1. Yay!!! You liked the bars. Another convert to pumpkin.☺ I loved your pics on Mustard Seed Sentinel. Thanks for leaving this feedback about the recipe. Maybe some more skeptics will give it a try.


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